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2021-12-14 · 8 Top Hammer Rock Drilling Tools Top Hammer Rock Drilling Tools Top Hammer Rock Drilling Tools 9 DUAL PROPERTY GRADES DP55 has wear resistance similar to our standard grades, but offers greater toughness. It is especially suited to large ballistic inserts, accommodating the higher loads the insert may be exposed to due to a

Rock Support Drills For Underground Drilling

DS2710 Rock support drill rig. DS2710 is a rock bolter designed for underground hard-rock mines that require high capacity and reliability. It offers a good performance-to-cost ratio for 2.7x2.7-meter drifts. This drill rig will give you tools to increase your productivity, improve safety and lower your operating costs.

Titan 600 Rock Drill

Ritchie List Numerous online ads with used Titan 600 Rock Drill for sale. Find used Titan 600 Rock Drill .

Mining and Rock Solutions — Group

Mining and Rock Solutions. Business area Mining and Rock Solutions is a global leading supplier in equipment and tools, parts, service and technical solutions for the mining and infrastructure industries. Applications include rock drilling, rock cutting, loading and hauling, tunneling and quarrying.

HL710S Rock drill

HL710S is a hydraulic top hammer rock drill designed for DL2710 and DL2720 underground longhole drills. It is capable of drilling 54 - 89 mm holes up to 38 meters in depth, using T35, T38, T45, T51 MF-rods or 65 mm tube rods. Need to know more? HL710S hydraulic rock drill is designed to ensure high drilling capacity, easy ...

Company and Rock Drilling Products (Ⅰ)

2020-4-15 · () ()。,:;•( Coromant) ...

Best Carbide Rock Drill Bits Supplier For 2022

Rock drill bits are mainly used for drilling blast holes in quarries and mines, well drilling, and construction areas. KoneCarbide provides micro-grain carbide tips/inserts for rock drill bits. Our tips feature excellent wear and impact resistance and longer service life, especially for drilling hard and extra hard rock formations. We not only ...

Rocking support drilling

2020-7-6 · Scheduled for launch during 2021, the new DS412iE rock bolter will complement the intelligent family of next-generation battery-powered underground drill rigs. "It is basically an upgrade on our existing, well-liked rock bolter in this size class, DS411," says Anssi Kouhia, product manager, rock support drills.

Rock drills

’s major investment in Rock Drills Innovation Center is now being completed and the Innovation Center is now officially opened. Rock Drills Innovation Center is a unique environment where develops rock drills and related technologies. It is a combination of research and engineering expertise, world class testing environment, high precision machining …

surface drilling

Consult Mining and Rock Technology''s entire surface drilling catalogue on DirectIndustry. Page: 1/16. ... Recommended hole diameter Drill steel diameter Hydraulic rock drill Percussion output power Engine type Engine output power 168 kW/2,200 rpm 224 kW/1,800 rpm 261 kW/2,100 rpm Operators cabin ErcoCool Ergo Cool Ergo Coo ...

HL710 Rock drill

HL710 is a heavy hydraulic percussive rock drill with independent rotation and separate flushing. High drilling capacity and reliability is achieved through functional modules and three rotation motor type options are available for torque/speed adjustment. The design is covered by several patents. Technical data. Hole diameter drilling.

RD414 Rock drill

rd414-specification-sheet-english.pdf (PDF document, 351 kB) RD414 is a compact hydraulic percussive top hammer rock drill that drills with air or water flushing. The rock drill is equipped with a stabilizer to control contact between the drill bit and rock which ensures optimal drilling performance and high rock tool service life.

longhole drills

LONGHOLE DRILL TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION. DL411 is a fully-mechanized and compact KEY FEATURES electro-hydraulic top hammer longhole drill designed Hydraulic rock drill HL1560ST (33 kW) for underground mass mining in 3.6 x 3.6 m or larger Drilling module LFRC1600 (29 + 1.


Buy your HYDR.ROCK DRILL ** SEE INT. 15493061 - A Wide Range of Spare Parts and Components - Aramine . Welcome to the Aramine eshop website English. Français English EUR. EUR € USD $ Sign in. Shopping cart : €0.00. 0. QUICK ENTRY. SPARE PARTS & COMPONENTS ... ®, Komatsu®, ® ...

Mining and Rock Solutions

Mining and Rock Technology is a business area within the Group and a global leading supplier of equipment and tools, service and technical solutions for the mining and construction industries. Application areas include rock drilling, rock cutting, crushing and screening, loading and hauling, tunneling, quarrying and breaking and demolition. In 2015, …

Drills for Sale

The New Rr240 Air Bearing Bit Is Available To Order Today In Sizes From 159mm (6 ¼") To 406mm (16"). Egypt Has Been Involved In Global Trade Since Ancient Times Due To Its Special Geographical Location At The Intersection Of Three Continents And Its 2000 Km Long Coastline On The Mediterranean And The Red Sea.

rock drill steel

Grades and applications rock drill steel is available in four standard grades, which are described on pages 6-11. Other grades can be supplied by agreement. Sanbar 20 (19HS20) Type of steel Sanbar 20 is a high strength chromiummolybdenum steel with high fatigue strength and excellent wear resistance in the as-rolled condition.

Equipment available in Uganda | Environmental …

Model DW340 - Water Well Drill Rigs. DW340 is a truck-mounted, top-drive water well drill. The DW340 is designed for those contractor"s needing extra capacity for larger diameter and deeper wells. Depending on selected options, it drills mud rotary or down-the-hole hammer methods. The DW340 is an excellent choice for contractors ...

Rock drill steel

''s rock drill steel can be supplied as hollow or solid, hot-rolled, round or hexagon bar. Grade. Description. Applications. List of materials. Sanbar 20. A high-strength chromium-molybdenum steel with high fatigue strength and excellent wear resistance in the as-rolled condition. Integral drill steels, pilot rods and tapered rods.


2019-3-1 · Drill steels H19, H22, H25 integral rods, H25 drifter rods Shanks Hex 19 x 108 mm Hex 22 x 108 mm Hex 25 x 108 mm Male R23, R25, R28 Weight 52 kg (with hexagonal chuck) 54 kg (with flushing device) 1. RD106 HYDRAULIC ROCK DRILL RD106 HYDRAULIC ROCK DRILL RD106 hydraulic rock drill is designed for a maximum recommended …

RDX5 Hydraulic Rock Drill From

2022-1-14 · This paper covers durablity and performance parameters of RDX5 hydraulic rock drill from ,describes in brief the design improvements of components and parts of RDX5 rock drill compared with HLX5 rock drill,and outlines the design features of RDX5 rock drill.

HLX5 Rock drill

HLX5 is a compact, robust and universal hydraulic percussive rock drill. It is efficient and high in penetration rate. It has excellent serviceability through its modular construction and wear indicators minimizing any unplanned service needs. The outstanding durability of HLX5 has been achieved by years of development work, resulting ...


In addition, our rock drill steel mill is fully automated and entirely dedicated to rock drill steel. RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT Every year, invests heavily in research and d evelopment of properties and performance of our steels. This is the backbone of the success, nd a it shows in efficient production processes, ptimized o...

to accelerate rock drill developments with new …

2020-10-2 ·  Mining and Rock Technology, in an effort to speed up rock drill innovations, has opened a new Rock Drills Innovation Center in Tampere, Finland. Announced during day one of its Innovation in Mining event this week, the centre will introduce state-of-the-art production and testing facilities for this core technology.

Rock drills — Mining and Rock Technology

is the leading manufacturer of rock drilling technology. With decades of expertise we manufacture rock drills that are reliable and efficient, boosting your productivity and minimizing the downtime. We offer a wide range of rock drills for all your application needs in surface and underground drilling, both in mining and civil construction worksites. Our rock drills are …

Modern rock drills solve tough customer challenges

2017-1-18 · The customer turned to who took on the challenge to develop an extraordinary tool, both tough and extremely wear-resistant. "The customer asked for a drill bit that could drill one rod length, which is four meters – more than ten times the length it was capable of when they came to us," says Christer Lundberg, Product Manager Rock Tools …

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July 1, 2022 Invitation - presentation of ''s report of the second quarter 2022. June 29, 2022 Press release announces a non-recurring charge for the second quarter related to Russia. June 27, 2022 Press release to acquire PCD tools manufacturer Frezite. June 20, 2022 Press release acquires Finland-based Akkurate ...

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is an engineering group in mining and rock excavation, rock processing, metal cutting and materials technology, providing optimized products and solutions based on digitalization, innovation and sustainable engineering.

rock drill steel

2015-5-28 · The rock drill steel mill is the most up-to-date in the world. It is fully automated and designed specifically for the manufacture of rock drill steel. Product quality Product quality begins at the very start of the process, where raw material is carefully selected for melting in our 75 tonnes electric arc furnace.At the next


2019-3-14 · The modern, powerful hydraulic rock drill and the smooth drilling controls system allow high drilling performance with good drill steel economy and high ... DD210 - DEVELOPMENT DRILL Mining and Rock Solutions reserves the right to make changes to the information on this data sheet without prior notification to users. TS2-149 ...

HL820T Rock drill

HL820T hydraulic rock drill is designed for drilling 64 - 127 mm diameter holes in hydraulically controlled surface long hole drill rigs. ... Downloads. hl820t-specification-sheet-english.pdf (PDF document, 362 kB) HL820T is a heavy hydraulic percussive rock drill with independent rotation and separate flushing. Whilst ...

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🇺🇬 top buyers 5 Rock Drill in Uganda[2021] +7 995 793-75-82 [email protected] Menu. Buy product free; Sell product free; Contact; Team; ... Hydraulic rock drill HLX-5. 47142.86$/pcs. Spare parts for hydraulic rock drill Ingersoll rand YH95. PSHG-120 Tire rock drill Art. 870082.

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