At Barcelona Swimmers, we hold a Swim Stage for our members every quarter, during which we carry out a series of intensive training sessions aimed at perfecting our swimming technique for a full weekend.


These are mostly made in open water, in natural environments of great beauty, mainly in the Costa Brava. We also carry out Swim Stages in a technification format, like the one carried out last February at the Centre de Crol de Calella.


In addition to helping us to improve our technique, the Swim Stage are designed to “make team” , because during a weekend we coexist with our colleagues, sharing experiences, laughs and good times, in and out of the water.


Also, some of these trainings are also open to the families of our swimmers , thus involving them in the great family of Barcelona Swimmers.


If you want more information about the Swim Stages that we have recently made, look at the article about the technification Stage at Calella or the one we did at Cala Montjoi


Finally, some pictures of how much fun we had:




Fee: € 46 / month Accident insurance, rescue and
civil liability for open sea
Unlimited access to BISC
Mon-Sun from 7-22h
Operational safety in open sea trainings
Directed sessions in open sea trainings Exclusive club material without cost
Technical sessions in the pool Quarterly swimming trips to
natural environments
Directed “dry” sessions Special prices for the weekend Stages
Check the fee page for more information