¿Who are these training sessions addresed to? To all the swimmers and triathletes of any level who want to improve their swimming technique as well as to work specific resources: brazada, batido de pies, efficacy, hydrodinamic, breathing, gliding. Also to improve some skills and other technical aspects renforcing the confidence of the swimmer when facing new challenges.

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Note: During the month of August there will be no sessions.
The pool sessions take place in this locations:

CEM Maresme CEM Maresme

The center offers showers and changing rooms for all attendees.

Address CEM Maresme: C/ Pallars 484, Barcelona.

More information: cemmaresme.com

Months Timetable
Throughout the year, except August Monday and Thursday 20.00-21.00

Contacta con nosotros: bcnswimmers@gmail.com


AE Bon Pastor AE Bon Pastor

The center offers showers and changing rooms for all attendees.

The pool has a lenght of 25 meters and its main feature is its retractable roof that allow us to enjoy the pool during summer.

Address AE Bon Pastor: C/ Costa Daurada, 12 Barcelona.

More information: www.aebonpastor.org

Months Timetable
Throughout the year, except August Tuesday 20.00-21.00


Contact us: bcnswimmers@gmail.com


Training sesions

The session will depend on the group and the objectives fixed for that day. The aim of the pool session is to give to the participants the skills to face any swimming competition (pool, open water or triathlon)

  • Age of the participants: adults

  • Objective: Improve swimming Technique

  • Level of the participants: From beginners to advanced swimmers. We will work by groups, depending on their levels and objectives.

  • We include detailed explanations of each exercise as well as demostrations from our trainer in order to do the exercise properly.

  • Previous warm-up

Fee: € 46 / month Accident insurance, rescue and
civil liability for open sea
Unlimited access to BISC
Mon-Sun from 7-22h
Operational safety in open sea trainings
Directed sessions in open sea trainings Exclusive club material without cost
Technical sessions in the pool Quarterly swimming trips to
natural environments
Directed “dry” sessions Special prices for the weekend Stages
Check the fee page for more information