We carry out open water training sessions periodically each saturday morning. We are a club that promotes the practice of open water simming in the sea eventhough we also have technical sessions in pool.

¿Who are these training sessions addressed to? To all those swimmers and triathletes, whatever level they have, who want to ammeliorate their swimming technique as well as increasing their aerobic resistance in order to swim long distances. We have different groups according to the experience and pace of our swimmers, so you can come no matter if you are amateur or you already have experience in open water swimming.

¿Do you want to come to a free session? We offer you to try a completely free session. Just fill the following form and we will contact you as soon as possible.



Our hedquarters are based in BISC Barcelona. We meet there to do our open water sessions and many other activities that we schedule all through the season.This center offers modern changin rooms for all the people attending to our sessions as well as lockers to put your belingings. It also has a cleaning and drying room for wetsuits.

All our members have free access to the different areas within BISC Barcelona: fitness room, spinning, sauna, etc.

BISC Barcelona Location: Moll de la Vela, s/n, Parc del Fòrum (BISC Barcelona map).

Month Timetable
Througout the year


  • Open water session from 10 a.m to 11,30 a.m


  • During the month of August there will be no directed sessions

Contact us: bcnswimmers@gmail.com


Training sessions

Each open water session lasts for 90 minutes.

Training content

The session is mainly focused on renforcing some of the following aspects:

  • Distance
  • Orientation in the sea (search of rerferences)
  • Buoy turning (useful for open water competitions)
  • Couple exercises (coordination, balance, etc)
  • High-intensity exercises
  • Drafting
  • How to swim in group

Our trainer will plan the session according to the different levels and previous experience of the group.


The participants declare to be in good physical conditions and not to have any injury that coud worse as a consequence of this activity. Therefore, he/she declares to be in good physical conditions to take part in an open water swimming route, and that he/she wants to VOLUNTARILY take part in it, accepting the risks and situations that could derive as a consequence of his participation in the moment of the booking.

Fee: € 46 / month Accident insurance, rescue and
civil liability for open sea
Unlimited access to BISC
Mon-Sun from 7-22h
Operational safety in open sea trainings
Directed sessions in open sea trainings Exclusive club material without cost
Technical sessions in the pool Quarterly swimming trips to
natural environments
Directed “dry” sessions Special prices for the weekend Stages
Check the fee page for more information