Barcelona Swimmers is a non-profit sports association that promotes the practice of swimming in open waters throughout the year in a relaxed atmosphere, with the aim of improving our performance but without forgetting the competitive part, taking part in several sporting challenges during the season..

Our goal is the practice of swimming in open waters throughout the year, opening this activity to anyone of any age, with a minimum physical preparation to develop this activity.

The values that define us are: perseverance, discipline, personal improvement, respect for the marine environment, team spirit and the fostering of camaraderie in a sport that historically had an individual character.

Enjoy the playful aspect of the practice of swimming in open waters through teamwork, always in a safe way and respecting the environment.

Participate in sporting challenges, competitive or not, that are characterized by personal improvement and perseverance.


Fee: € 46 / month Accident insurance, rescue and
civil liability for open sea
Unlimited access to BISC
Mon-Sun from 7-22h
Operational safety in open sea trainings
Directed sessions in open sea trainings Exclusive club material without cost
Technical sessions in the pool Quarterly swimming trips to
natural environments
Directed “dry” sessions Special prices for the weekend Stages
Check the fee page for more information